Finding the Right Style & Tone for an Artist Profile

By Sol March in Resources

Finding the right tone is crucial when telling a story, especially when it’s about an actual person.

An artist profile is a documentary that focuses on the artist, their work, and the story behind their art. As such, the style and tone you use for the documentary not only needs to provide insight into the artist’s personality, but they also need to capture the essence of their art as well.

There are a lot of different directions you can go with an artist profile. This curated list features some of the best artist profiles out there to help you nail down the style and tone for your next project.

Note: The cover image is from Breathing In New Life by Matthew Allard. Watch the full film below!

A Little Film About…Thomas Burden

This creative documentary perfectly captures the childlike whimsy of Thomas Burden’s 3D illustrations perfectly. Handsome Frank incorporates Thomas’ work in the world of the documentary to give viewers a look inside the artist’s mind.

Wood Sculptor Josh Vogel

The calm and soothing tone of this profile of wood sculptor Josh Vogel by The Scout gives you a sense of the care and thoughtfulness that Josh puts into every one of his pieces.

Breathing In New Life

This profile of glass blower Aiko Hiraiwa highlights her skill and technique. Using long static shots and slow camera movements of the artist at work, Matthew Allard evokes the patience and control required to transform these pieces of recycled glass into works of art.

Framed Targets

Daniel Lichtenberg lets the artist’s work speak for itself in this profile on Truong Tran. This documentary gives viewers an front-seat view of the bold colors and clean lines of Tran’s Framed Targets.

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