North Shore

Our last days of summer
By Sol March

Without warning it is suddenly upon us– the last days of summer are here.

We jump in the car for a ride around the island. We know full well we can’t drive far enough to escape the end of summer, yet we try.

The road ahead

We drive slowly, taking in the tiny sugar mill towns, sandy beaches, and epic wind farms of the north shore as we pass them by.

We will make new friends on this drive– a nice librarian in a small town library who gives us free books for “completing our summer reading,” and a retired couple who sell fruit at an mostly empty farmers market. These connections energize us.

We will explore and discover new places and we will also return to familiar haunts along the road.

When we stop to stretch our legs, we let our minds wander away from the knowledge that the end of summer fast approaches.

Our last days of summer, we will spend them in the sun.