Last Days of Summer

North Shore
By Sol March in Stories

Without warning it is suddenly upon us– the last days of summer are here.

We hop in the car and head north. We know full well we can’t drive far enough to escape the end of summer, yet we try.

The road ahead

We drive slowly and let the road take us where it will. We pass through tiny sugar mill towns and ride alongside epic wind farms that stretch high into the sky.

Shelter Killer RideDirectionsThings are looking up Old Tank A Wind from the East Giants at dusk

We stop frequently to feel the sand between our toes, or just to look more closely at a lonely patch of flowers.

Beach Jewelry Sunburst Sea Lettuce Reaching

We explore and discover new things, like the cocoa farm where we help pick cocoa beans from ripe pods and watch as they are lovingly laid out to dry in the midday sun.

The Beginning Cacao Pod Working it Fermentation Aging On the fence

We make new friends as we continue down the winding road along the norther coast, like the small town librarian who gives us free books for “completing our summer reading,” and the retired couple who sell fruit from their garden at a local farmers market. We are refreshed by the new connections we make.

As we head further north, we allow our minds to wander, away from the knowledge that the end of summer fast approaches.

Our last days of summer, we will spend them in the sun.


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