5 Days in Tokyo: Ginza to Tsukiji

The Space Between
By Sol March in Travelogue

Today’s mission: Fresh fish. So we’re heading to Tsukiji Fish Market to find the freshest fish Tokyo– and perhaps all of Japan– has to offer.

But first, we need to pass through Ginza.

Ginza St.

Ginza Yanagi Dori

The Crowded Streets of Tokyo

Despite being the supposed center of commerce in Tokyo, Ginza is surprisingly calm. You have ample room to breath as you walk down the wide sidewalks. There is a definite lack of car traffic as well, so people simply walk alongside the road and cross wherever they please.

Crossing Streets in Ginza

I’m not complaining though, the weather is perfect today– it’s a cool 72 degrees in the middle of the afternoon even though the sun is shining and clouds are few and far between.

The calm streets and perfect weather create the ideal conditions for a relaxed stroll through Ginza to Tsukiji Fish Market.

If we ever find Tsukiji, that is.

Broad Sidewalks of Ginza Shops and Shrines in Ginza Ginza Skyline

Increased Activity

I begin to suspect that we’re getting close to Tsukiji as the activity around us increases. Gradually, there are more cars on the street, more people on the sidewalks, and more noise everywhere.

Traffic Increasing in Ginza Tall Buildings of Ginza Jonathan's

As we round the next corner, we have confirmation. Reaching into the sky a block away is the Tsukiji Hongan-ji— a Buddhist temple, whose campus remains calm and peaceful despite the noise and activity that surrounds it.

Tsukiji Hongan-ji in the Distance Tsukiji Hongan-ji

We’ve made it to Tsukiji, onward to the fish!

5 Days in Tokyo

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