5 Days in Tokyo: The Solitary Soldier

Long Shadows over the Imperial Palace
By Sol March in Travelogue

As the sun makes its descent toward the west, long shadows reach out like thin fingers toward Tokyo’s Imperial Palace.

The shadows extend steadily across the palace’s grounds. Over ancient trees, deep moats, and high walls, the shadows creep unrelentingly toward the palace’s main entrance.

There, the solitary soldier stands guard.

Though the shadows draw closer with each moment, the lone soldier does not move. He is unwavering in face of the encroaching darkness.

Eventually the shadows cover the palace completely. In the fading light, we catch a final glimpse of the steadfast soldier, vigilantly standing guard as the darkness of night overtakes the palace.

The shadows will not relinquish their grip until morning, but the solitary soldier will still be there, standing guard beside the gates of the Imperial Palace.

5 Days in Tokyo

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