Hands in the Air

Street Sculptures of Nagoya
By Sol March in Travelogue

When you’re tired and travel-weary, it’s easy to zone out and miss the small things, especially when you’re in a huge city full of new sights and sounds like Nagoya.

We’ve been going non-stop for the nearly two weeks now since arriving in Japan, and I think it’s beginning to catch up with us. Today, I’m so zoned out from walking Nagoya streets that I initially pass by this amazing sculpture without even noticing it.

All the hands

Thankfully, it catches my attention from the corner of my eye and I spin around to take a closer look.

I’m glad I did.

Whether you’re exploring a new country, or sitting in your own backyard, make sure to soak in as much as you can. If you don’t, you might just miss out on something amazing.

Nagoya Nights

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