A Moment of Peace in the Park

Nagoya Nights
By Sol March in Travelogue

Like any big city, Nagoya is full of noise and non-stop activity. Parks provide a respite from the buzz of the city and allow us to catch our breath.

Though the noise of the city continues unabated just beyond their borders, the parks here in Nagoya are quiet and tranquil. Somehow, the bruit seems to die down so that you can hear your thoughts once again.

Rest in Peace Nagoya TV Tower Nagoya TV Tower Central Park Central Park Welcome Koala Nagoya Waterworks Water Wheel Water Wheel Water Wheel

If you’re ever in a big city and feel the world closing in on you, find a park to rest in for a moment. Perhaps it’s the reconnection with a little slice of nature, but you will feel reinvigorated after a short time, ready to head back out to take on the concrete monoliths once again.

Nagoya Nights

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