Nagoya Underground

Nagoya Nights
By Sol March in Travelogue

There’s a hidden side to Nagoya that you could miss completely if you tread only where the sun shines. A whole world awaits right beneath your feet.

To discover it, you need to go underground.

The entrance to this subterranean metropolis is fairly nondescript. It’s not exactly hidden, but it’s easy to miss it if you aren’t paying attention.

Underground Entrance

Head down the stairs, and you have a choice to make: Turn right and you’ll end up at a subway platform, where you can ride off to another destination. Or you can turn left and get ready for a completely different kind of ride.

You will see strange sights as you head deeper underground. At times, you will not even know which way is up.

Underground Thrift Shops Wacky Walls

Strange as it may sound, as you head even deeper underground, the world will begin to look surprisingly normal again. It turns out everything you need to live in comfort is down here.

There’s shopping, where you can buy all manner of things, from clothing to housewares. You can even buy sunglasses. How strange!

Underground Shopping

Of course, there’s also food to keep you going.

Restaurant Breakfast Fresh Bread Kitchen Underground Dining

Some people spend their whole life down here under Nagoya’s busy streets. Eventually, you will find your way back to the surface and as you rise up out of the darkness, you will shield your eyes at the blinding intensity of that bright light in the sky. After getting used to the darkness of Nagoya’s underground, the sun is so bright, it almost hurts.

Don’t worry though– in time, you’ll get used to surface life once again.

Going Under

Nagoya Nights

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