Nagoya Station City

Nagoya Nights
By Sol March in Travelogue

Nagoya is so big that the city’s main train station alone is like a city unto itself. You might never even have to leave the station.

When you get off the Shinkansen at Nagoya Station, your first thought is probably to find your way out of the station as quickly as possible.

Arrival at Nagoya Station Shinkansen at Nagoya Station Navigating Nagoya Station

Bad idea.

After you find your way through the station’s winding corridors and reach the exit, this long line of taxis is there to greet you.\

Taxi Line

Turns out everyone had the same idea. You’re not going anywhere fast.

You’ve been riding the Shinkansen for the past 7 hours, so the last thing you want to do is sit still and wait for another ride.

Instead, you make a U-turn and head right back into the station.

Heading back into the station

Once inside the station, you make a bee-line for Takashiyama department store. You can’t miss it– it’s a 12 story tall mall right in the heart of the train station.

Naturally, you start at the mall’s first floor– the food level.

Inside Station City

It doesn’t matter what kind of food you’re in the mood for, you’ll probably find it here. There are endless counters, each selling something different and delicious.

From delicately-wrapped mochi…


…to premium green teas…

Green Tea

…and who can forget about the fruit-filled sandwiches?

Anticipation Strawberry Sandwich Banana Sandwich Off to the Side

If you’re in the mood for something more savory, then have your pick from the misoyaki butterfish…

Misoyaki Butterfish

…or the Gyumeshi that just melts in your mount.

Gyumeshi made to order

Of course, you’re in Japan, so you’ll definitely find some sushi.

Karaage Chicken Musubi Making Musubi

There’s even kimbap, if you’re feeling more like Korean-style sushi today.

Kimbap Korean Sushi

Your first meal in Nagoya would not be complete without some of Nagoya’s famous chicken wings.

Katsu Stewed Nagoya's Famous Chicken Wings

If you’re not already completely stuffed, there’s a plethora of other types of foods to discover as well.

Marinated Senbei Run Sozai Imagawayaki Azuki filling in Imagawayaki French Baguette Cheese Batard Kabocha Pastry

Eventually you will explore the rest of Nagoya, but for the moment, enjoy all that Station City has to offer!

Nagoya Nights

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