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Choosing the right cage for the Panasonic GH4 is an important decision because it is the foundation of your camera rig. A cage must allow you to mount the necessary accessories to shoot effectively.

Thanks to the popularity of the GH4, there are now several cages available for this camera. This post breaks down the pros and cons of the top 5 cages for the Panasonic GH4.

Rules of the Cage

First, let’s set some ground rules so that we’re all on the same page regarding what constitutes a viable cage for the Panasonic GH4.

  • Form-fitting — A cage must complement one of the GH4’s greatest strengths– it’s compact size. It must not add unnecessary bulk to the camera rig.
  • Mounting points — A cage must provide mounting points to attach accessories using industry-standard hole sizes and layout.
  • Unencumbered access to controls — A cage must not inhibit the operation of the GH4 (LCD, battery/memory cards access, record button, etc.).
  • Reinforce & Protect — A cage must protect the camera and add rigidity to reinforce the camera rig.

All cages in this post meet this criteria. Let’s take a look at what sets each cage apart.

All Business: Fhugen Honu Cage

Fhugen Honu Cage

If you’re looking for a straightforward cage, then Fhugen’s Honu cage may be right for you. While it’s not particularly flashy, the Honu provides mounting points on all sides of the GH4 as well as three quick-release cold shoe mounts, providing a lot of versatility in an affordable package.


  • Affordable — The most affordable cage in this list.
  • Simple & Straightforward — No flash, just pure functionality.
  • Anti-twist — braces the front of GH4 to keep the camera from twisting.
  • Ample mounting points – threaded and non-threaded 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 holes on top, left, and right sides of cage.
  • HDMI clamp.
  • 3 Built-in cold shoe dovetails — Allows quick-release mounting of accessories using an industry-standard cold shoe mount.
  • Lightweight — Aluminum construction does not add a lot of weight to a camera rig.


  • Hand-holding the GH4 is unwieldy because cage wraps around all sides of camera
  • Mounting holes on top of cage do not maintain standardized spacing across entire surface — Mounting holes are split into two sections on top of the cage.

Bottom line: A straightforward and affordable cage with ample mounting points for accessories.

The Minimalist: Wooden Camera Quick Cage

Wooden Camera Small Quick Cage

If you’re looking for a cage that you can permanently attach to the GH4, then Wooden Camera’s Small Quick Cage may be your best bet. The Quick Cage bolts to the top and bottom of the GH4 and a simple 15mm rod with additional mounting points runs vertically along the left side, leaving the GH4’s grip free for holding.


  • Minimal — Does not block the GH4’s grip, allowing you to hold and operate the GH4 like a normal camera.
  • Industry-standard mounting points on top and left side.
  • Height Adjustable — Standard 15mm rod used to set cage height so that cage can be used with larger cameras simply by changing rod length.
  • Expandable — Standard ARRI dovetail base allows cage to quickly mount to 15mm rods, larger rigs, etc.
  • HDMI clamp (sold separately).


  • Expensive — The most expensive cage in this list.
  • Limited mounting points — Only has mounting points on top and left sides.
  • Anti-twist block in the rear must be removed to use the GH4’s articulating LCD.
  • Does not protect right side of GH4.

Bottom line: A minimal cage that can stay on your camera and quickly mounts to other components to build up the rig as needed.

Multi-Functional: Swedish Chameleon SC:GH3 Cage

Swedish Chameleon SC:GH3 Cage

Swedish Chameleon packs a ton of functionality into this small semi-cage for the GH4. The top of the cage has 3 cold shoes and a bunch of mounting points. The right side of the cage has mounting points, but is also a NATO rail so that you can quickly mount compatible accessories that simply slide on and clamp securely to the rail, no screws required.


  • Minimal — Does not block the GH4’s grip, allowing you to hold the camera normally.
  • Industry-standard mounting points on top and left side.
  • Smooth contoured design — No sharp edges.
  • Flash is accessible with cage attached
  • NATO side rail — Quickly mount/unmount gear using NATO rail clamps.
  • 3 cold shoe mounts on top of cage


  • Expensive — The 2nd most expensive cage in this list.
  • Limited mounting points — Only has mounting points on top and left sides.
  • No anti-twist functionality — GH4 may be able to rotate in cage.
  • Does not protect right side of GH4.
  • Tall — Top of cage is higher to allow the GH4’s flash to be used, which results in a larger cage with dead space between the GH4 and the cage.
  • No HDMI clamp solution.

Bottom line: A cage with versatile mounting options, but the lack of anti-twist functionality and HDMI clamping may pose an issue in some situations.

Like a Glove: Varavon Armor

Varavon Armor GH4 Cage

If you’re looking for a full cage that keeps GH4 as compact as possible, Varavon’s Armor cage may be the perfect fit– literally.

This cage actually follows the GH4’s contours so that there is only a small gap between the camera and cage throughout the entire cage. There are cutouts in the cage to provide access to the GH4’s controls despite the tight fit.

Additionally, unlike most full cages, you can actually hold the GH4 like a normal camera when mounted in the Varavon Armor thanks to the included hand strap. Though the mounting points on the Armor’s right side are not accessible when using the hand strap, it’s nice to have this option.


  • Minimal — Closely follows size and shape of the GH4.
  • Includes hand strap — Hold the GH4 like a normal camera.
  • Includes top handle.
  • Includes HDMI clamp.
  • Includes microphone input clamp.
  • Anti-twist design — Keeps GH4 from rotating in cage.
  • Arca-swiss compatible dovetail for mounting to ball head, tripod, 15mm rods base, etc.
  • Unibody construction — Single piece of milled aluminum should aid rigidity.
  • Custom-built 15mm rods solution available (sold separately).


  • Uneven surfaces — Contoured top prohibits mounting certain accessories (e.g. a NATO rail).
  • Limited mounting points — Minimal surface area on cage limits mounting points.
  • No 3/8″-16 mounting points.
  • Single cold shoe mount.

Bottom line: A form-fitting and feature-rich cage only limited by the small number of mounting points.

Form + Function: Viewfactor Contineo GH4 Cage

Viewfactor Contineo GH4 Cage

The Contineo cage has a unibody design that hugs closely to the GH4. However, unlike the contoured shape of Varavon’s Armor cage, the Contineo’s surfaces are flat, providing more mounting points and greater versatility in the types of accessories that can be mounted to this cage.


  • Simple & Straightforward — No flash, just pure functionality.
  • Anti-twist — Locating set screw keeps the GH4 from rotating.
  • Ample mounting points – thirty 1/4″-20 and five 3/8″-16 threaded holes.
  • HDMI clamp available (sold separately).
  • Unibody construction — Single piece of milled aluminum should aid rigidity.
  • Camera is fully protected on all sides.


  • Close fit to the GH4 — May make accessing controls difficult.
  • No integrated cold shoe mounts

Bottom line: A solid & versatile cage tailored for the GH4

Choosing the Right Cage

All of these cages are viable options, each with their own set of benefits and compromises. The best cage will differ from person to person because your requirements will vary.

For example, if you want the GH4 in a cage at all times, then a semi-cage like Wooden Camera’s Quick Cage may be a good fit because you can still hold the GH4 like a normal camera. Thanks to its hand strap, Varavon’s Armor may also be an option for an always-on cage despite being a full cage.

If mounting flexibility is a priority, then a full cage like Fhugen’s Honu or Viewfactor’s Contineo may be the best option.

I will be reviewing each cage in the coming weeks to help you choose the best cage for your particular needs. Let me know which cage you’re most interested in if you want to see that one reviewed first.

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