Visiting Aomori’s Apple Factory

Summer in Aomori
By Sol March in Travelogue

Many towns throughout Japan have a regional specialty. It’s their claim to fame, their pride and joy. It’s what they do best.

Aomori is all about the apples.

Aomori is known throughout the world to produce some of the best apples you have ever tasted. Aomori’s apples are big, round, and light reddish in color.

What really sets Aomori’s apples apart though is that these apples are incredibly sweet, crisp, and flavorful.

Oh, and they’re juicy– so, so, juicy.

Just walking around town, you’ll encounter all manner of apple-related items. From freshly-picked apples sold out of a cardboard box on the side of the road, to decadent chocolate covered apples, you’re sure to find something that hits the spot.

Chocolate Apple

If you want to see everything that Aomori’s apples have to offer, you need only go to Aomori’s waterfront, where you’ll find A-Factory.

A-Factory A-Factory Building A-Factory Buildings

Inside A-Factory, you’ll find a large variety of goods made with apples from around the region.

Register Stocking Shelves View from Inside Skip Egg (Get Apples)

If you’re feeling parched, there’s a wide selection of apple juices. It is said that each bottler has their own unique (and secret) process of extracting an apple’s essence when pressing out the juice, so one bottle of juice could taste drastically different from another.

Fresh Apple Juice

If you’re feeling more peckish, then you’ll be satisfied with the variety of snacks such as donuts and senbei (rice crackers), all of which have been infused with Aomori’s apples.

Mini Apple Donuts Aomori Apple Senbei

For the refined palate, why not enjoy a tasting of apple wine and apply brandy made right on the premises?

Apple Brandy Tasting

Of course, if you want to go straight to the source, A-Factory has apples of all sizes for you to choose from.

Baby Aomori Apples

When you go to Aomori, you can’t avoid the apples. Then again, why would you want to? It’s not every day that you get to enjoy the best apples in all the world!

Summer in Aomori

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