Quiet Streets of Aomori

Summer in Aomori
By Sol March in Travelogue

Cooler weather isn’t the only thing that sets the northern city of Aomori apart from Tokyo. The differences are apparent simply by walking down the street.

In Tokyo, everything has a shine to it– even the streets seem like they were recently polished. As a result, Tokyo looks really clean, but it can also feel a bit artificial at times.

Here in Aomori, the buildings are clearly older and look more lived-in. It’s not dirty, but it’s obvious that people live and work here.

Aomori just seems more real.

This authenticity is reflected by Aomori’s residents as well. There’s less of a tourist industry here, so people here are more informal in their interactions with others. Though everyone is still very polite in Aomori, it feels more like their talking to me like a real person rather than a customer.

To be honest, it’s refreshing and their casual approach puts me at ease.

Another big difference from Tokyo is that Aomori is quiet— almost eerily so. There are cars on the road and people are out and about, but Aomori just doesn’t come close to the constant noise of Tokyo.

These are the quiet streets of Aomori.

Summer in Aomori

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