The Signs of Amenity Street

Summer in Aomori
By Sol March in Travelogue

Maybe I’m simply getting used to living in Japan, but it seems like the signs here are pretty easy to understand.

Even though they’re (usually) in a different language from my own, I can still quickly figure out what they are trying to communicate.

Amenity Street, one of the main avenues here in Aomori is a perfect example– it’s absolutely blanketed with signs. From markets to restaurants to boutiques to beer advertisements, there’s a sign for everything on this street.

Even things that don’t need signs.

Amenity Street Signs for Miles

Check out this collection of signs on Amenity Street in Aomori, Japan.

How many can you work out? Click on each image to get a larger view and a hint.

So, how did you fare? If you were able decipher most of the signs, you’d probably get around just fine in Japan!

Summer in Aomori

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