Dreaming of Kyoto
By Sol March in Travelogue

It’s that time again. After spending some quality time in Nagoya, we’re hopping back on the Shinkansen and heading further south to Kyoto.

I love these rides.

Japan’s countryside opens up before us as we break orbit at breakneck speed from Nagoya’s gravitational pull.  This ride on the Shinkansen is our shortest yet– only 80 miles to Kyoto– yet there is no lack of variety in the landscapes that we see.

Panasonic Boomerang Bridge Over the Mountain

There are always signs of civilization near the train tracks, but my eyes wander past the houses and gaze upon the rolling hills and mountains beyond.

Guard Suburb Rusty Rooftops

Every single inch of open space is used for rice paddies. However, instead of the placid water-filled plots we saw on our way down from Aomori, there are now vast rows of green sprouts just beginning to peek above the glassy surface.

It feels like we’re seeing the rice grow before our eyes.

Towers Field Work Landscape Area 727

The train makes good time and before we know it, we are already making our final approach into Kyoto. As we draw closer to the emperor’s former home, the verdant fields of rice once again give way to a man-made sea of homes, roads, and of course, combini.

Processing Plant Sea of Houses Main Street Cemetary

Minutes later, our train silently glides into Kyoto Station. We step off the train and set out to explore our new home.

Arrival in Kyoto


Dreaming of Kyoto

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