At the Foot of the Mountain

Surrounded by Nature at Kyoto's Maruyama Park
By Sol March in Travelogue

The moment you emerge from the sea of paper lanterns at Yasaka Shrine, you find yourself at the foot of a low mountain, surrounded by nature on all sides.

This is Maruyama Park.

Into the Park Paper Knots Paper Knots Trunk

As you proceed deeper into the lush forest, you encounter a peaceful pond and a small arched bridge of stone.

House by the Lake Bamboo Fence Posts Curved Bridge Crossing Bridge Post

You are in nature’s domain. Its inhabitants are undeterred by your presence, and carry on with their own routines.

A Boy & His Duck Duck

Still, even in this dense forest, pockets of civilization sprout up. Here, people gather to share food and stories with each other.

Bamboo Fence Posts Look Up Team Practice Fence & Trees Lavatory

In the end though, Maruyama Park is home to the animals. You are but a visitor.

Thirsty Tanuki The Samurai The Thinker Jolly


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