This is Kyoto

Dreaming of Kyoto
By Sol March in Travelogue

Bordered by low rolling hills, Kyoto is a city of contrast– on the one hand, a modern bustling metropolis, but on the other, wise and refined by time and experience.

This is Kyoto.

As we explore Kyoto’s long avenues and narrow side streets, we catch glimpses of the diverse lives people lead here in Kyoto. Near the main train station, the urban monoliths surround you from all sides, and life moves at a pace that makes it hard to catch your breath.

Kyoto Tower Intersection Rush Hour at the Station Kyoto Station Station StepsShapes Kyoto City Helipad at Kyoto Station

Just a 15 minute walk away though, the high-rises and helipads give way to small buildings, residential homes, and quiet gardens where life moves at a much more relaxed pace.

Rooftops of KyotoOld BuildingHanging LaundryThatched RoofEntering the CourtyardThe Game is On Parking Lot Security Post Man Bike RideShijo Dori Crosswalk Beer Coffee Boss Doraemon & FriendsSquinty the Parking Turtle Rings in the Subway Enjoy!Lanterns Kyoto at Night

Kyoto is peppered with grand temples and shrines where throngs of people assemble to revel in their splendor.

High Point Covering All Directions

But there are also small neighborhood shrines where people can pay their respects in peace and quite.

Meditation Neighborhood Shrine

Kyoto is a city of contrast, but somehow the old and the new, the hustlers and the daydreamers, the big and the small, have all found a way to coexist in harmony.


Dreaming of Kyoto

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